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While working as a sole trader in any kind of trade, your job activities carry a number of risks which you should have appropriate insurance covers in place. We will assist you in getting insurance cover which are listed below but not limited to:

Public Liability Cover
To cover tradespersons from claims against them due to Third Party personal injury or property damage caused by their regular business activities. This cover can be extended to cover damages due to any work performed by your subcontractors or employees.
General Property Cover
To cover loss/damage to the tradesperson’s tools, equipment, portable items or stock in the event of fire, theft or accidental damage.
Commercial Motor
Comprehensive or Third-Party Property Damage, Fire & Theft insurance cover for your business vehicles and/or trailers.
Personal Accident & Sickness Insurance
To cover loss of your income due to your inability to perform regular business activities for an extended period of time in the event of any personal injury or sickness.

Talk to us today about your business activities including your needs and objectives. Our expert brokers will assist you in arranging appropriate tailored insurance cover.

FAQ About Tradesmen Package

What types of insurance do tradesmen need?

Tradesmen typically need a combination of public liability insurance, professional indemnity insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and tool insurance. These policies can protect tradesmen from a range of risks, such as property damage, injury to clients or members of the public, and theft or damage to tools and equipment.

What is public liability insurance and why is it important for tradesmen?

Public liability insurance is designed to protect tradesmen against claims made by third parties for property damage or personal injury caused by their business activities. It is important for tradesmen because it can cover the cost of legal fees, compensation payouts, and other expenses associated with a claim, which could otherwise be financially devastating.

Do I need workers' compensation insurance as a self-employed tradesman?

The requirement for workers' compensation insurance varies depending on the state or territory in which you operate. In some states, self-employed tradesmen are not required to have workers' compensation insurance, while in others it is mandatory. Even if it is not required, workers' compensation insurance can provide valuable protection for self-employed tradesmen in the event of an accident or injury while working.

What is tool insurance and how does it protect my equipment?

Tool insurance provides cover for loss, theft or damage to tools and equipment used by tradesmen in the course of their business activities. This can include hand tools, power tools, and other equipment. Tool insurance can help tradesmen to quickly replace lost or damaged tools, reducing downtime and minimizing the impact on their business.

Can I customise my tradesmen insurance policy to suit my specific needs and budget?

Yes, most tradesmen insurance policies can be customized to suit your specific needs and budget. This may include adjusting the level of cover, adding or removing policy features, and selecting a payment plan that suits your cash flow. An insurance broker can help you to tailor a policy that meets your needs while keeping costs under control.


Public liability

Protect your business and reputation as a tradesman with Angel insurance broker's reliable and affordable Public Liability insurance.

Tools and Equipment

Secure your tools and equipment with Tradesman Tools and Equipment insurance through Angel insurance broker, giving you peace of mind knowing your livelihood is protected.

Protect yourself and your livelihood as a tradesman with Angel insurance broker's Personal Accident and Sickness insurance - ensuring financial security and peace of mind during unexpected accidents or illness.

Vehicle Insurance

Protect your tradesman vehicle and livelihood with comprehensive insurance coverage from Angel insurance broker.

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